Paint Spill! emergency carpet cleaning grand rapids O.G professional carpet care

It was Friday night, about 10pm and my fiancé’ and I were painting my house. We decided to use a gallon of blue paint that I had in the basement that was a little old for one of the bedrooms. My fiancé’ shook the paint up for awhile and then I told him I would take my turn to shake the paint after I got done washing my hands. So I took my turn and started to “shake it like a Polaroid picture” and what happened, the gallon of blue paint slipped out of my hand and came crashing to the dining room floor spilling all over the carpet. I panicked and started to clean the spot of blue paint with soap and water making even more of a mess and spreading out the stain. My fiancé googled emergency carpet cleaners and that’s when we saw O G Professional Carpet Care’s ad advertising emergency 24 hour response! We called them and Robert said he could be to the house in 20 minutes!!! He came over at 11pm and got right to work. While he was cleaning my massive paint accident he talked to us the whole time and told us what he was doing and what products he was using to pull the stain out of the carpet. He gave us tips of what to do and not to do to clean your carpet on regular stains. Robert was extremely professional and personable. By the time he was done you couldn’t even tell I had dropped an entire gallon of blue paint in my dining room!!!! It looked brand new!!! I would recommend Robert and his company to anyone. His service was excellent and the fact that he came out to me on a Friday night at 11pm was phenomenal! Excellent job!!! I will def be using you in the future!!!! emergency carpet cleaning grand rapids O.G professional carpet care

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  1. Thanks for calling . Very glad we could help !

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