Stain Removal


Have stains in your carpet that have been there for years? 


We can get out most of the stains deemed “permanent”  by less experienced technicians. We are the best in Stain Removal!

Stain Removal can only be achieved through experienced hands on training. At O.G Professional Carpet Care, have over 15 years of experience with stain removal.  With the right combination of heat and chemical to pre treat stains on your carpets. When done correctly, stains can be permanently removed.

stain removal grand rapids

Someones got a guilty look on his face ! O.G Professional Carpet Care

Our goal is to keep your carpets and floors looking new and clean. We can get out any stain: pet, wine, red ink, coffee, oil, blood, wax, gum, tar, grass, and much more! If it can be removed we can get it out !

Only the best in Grand Rapids Carpet Cleaners.
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