Emergency Flood Clean Up & Water Damage



Call us first! O.G Professional carpet care has the experience and equipment needed for emergency flood clean up , toilet, washing machine, water heater, dish washer over flows,  get your home or business dry again, fast.

When water floods your home or business, interior relative humidity will rise.Without proper attention and drying procedures there is a 72 hour window in which the humidity must be brought below 60{665721af4bbc1e73a751d5276b3dc3beca27d0675846db1fb3f732ffdd094082} , if not mold will grow . We can get your home or business dry for you.

We will start any large job for a minimum 250.00- deposit depending on the size of the water damage to be resolved.

Your deposit will be paid back to you when insurance covers. We will work with your insurance company. If insurance doesn’t cover we will work with you to help cover costs.

  • Rent  high power Fans 45.00 each day.
  • Small dehumidifier 65.00 per day medium
  • med dehumidifier 90.00 per day
  • Large 165 gallon lgr dehumidifier for 170.00 per day

Costs can be reimbursed by your insurance company.

You can also rent a high power vacuum to extract the water yourself for 150.00 for the day. emergency flood clean up

Call anytime you have a flood, we will help you to get your home back to its normal healthy state.

We want to help! GOD BLESS.

Emergency Flood Clean up
call or text Robert 616 885 2777  

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