Carpet Cleaning Grand Rapids hot water extraction is the most recommended carpet cleaning

method by carpet manufacturers and it should only be performed by an experienced carpet cleaning

professional.At O.G professional carpet Care, carpet cleaning is done professionally with over 15 years experience cleaning carpets in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.

When you need to get your carpets as clean as can be, call 616 885 2777 and Robert will take care of your carpet cleaning issues in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area. We remove all types of stains and odors in your carpet, we specialize in urine odors in carpet treated with enzymatic to digest the odor causing bacteria stuck in the carpet fibers.

Stain master carpet cleaning. We have special prices for traffic lane cleaning, and for move in / move out rental units.

 We also clean all types of rugs, from entrance mats and runners to expensive investment quality area rugs. The best results in carpet cleaning for the grand Rapids area for commercial or residential

carpet cleaning.

we also offer interim vacuum, nap lifting programs that can add years to the life of your carpets, pulling out sand and dirt that can cut the carpet fibers, nap lifting can help by restoring the appearance to matted down carpeting.

Carpet cleaning done right by an experienced professional will improve the indoor air quality of your home or business by removing allergens, mold, toxins, dander and anything carried in from foot traffic or left over by forgotten spills.When getting your carpet cleaned,

you should be concerned with the level of technical experience and training obtained by the person who is about to provide you with service, how long have they been cleaning carpets, are they experienced in stain removal ? Are they using the latest safest chemicals developed for carpet cleaning use ?
O. G Professional Carpet Care has the latest training and safest chemicals made.

You can be assured that we will extract all dirt

allergens detergent, and most of all moisture.

 Dry to the touch in a few hours or less when there

are fans used.

Carpets should never be wet for days after getting them cleaned. Getting carpets cleaned by the quick or inexperienced technician usually only results in poor quality, your carpets can attract dirt faster, smell terrible causing health concerns stemming from poor indoor air quality when after cleaning they are left wet for days.

When we clean carpets in west Michigan or Grand Rapids area, we are there to provide you with the highest service and leave your

carpets as clean and as dry as possible.

Sanitizing can be best achieved by using steam or hot water over 140 degrees with slower extraction strokes, We use 190 degree heated water to kill the bacteria in your carpets, leaving them germ free f

or children to play on them, soft and ready to use right away.

We want what you want… the best results for your carpet cleaning experience in the Grand Rapids and West Michigan area.

Would you like to take advantage of a carpet cleaning special made for those in the Grand Rapids area ? Get 2 rooms and a hall cleaned for 60.00. call 616 885 2777 and Robert will be happy to help you get your carpets clean, PARA espanol 616 885 2776 Olivia.

Thank you very Much and GOD bless !

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